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Popular Racing Events

Popular Races That you Have to Play at Least Once in a Lifetime

We are sure that by this time of year (OK, it’s only been a month) you will have already taken a look at the calendar of marathons of Spain or even the international marathons to see which ones you can sign up for. And even if that is your main goal for 2019, the truth is that there are other races that deserve to make a hole in every running lover’s annual schedule.

Out of solidarity, originality, feeling the thrill of this sport, enjoying with your own or simply having fun without thinking about overcoming your brands, we show you the big races that you have to compete for at least once in your life. There’s so much evidence that it’s impossible to make a list of all of them. That is why we have made a calendar with which they have the greatest influx each year and which the fame precedes them. Take note; these sports appointments will make you enjoy your passion for running even more.

International Urban Race ‘Noche de San Antón

It was born as a sporting event for the San Antón festival in the Andalusian province, but gradually it was attracting the attention of professional runners who have made this event an international event. It is declared a holiday of tourist interest in Andalusia along with the bonfires of the fiestas jienenses. The race has two modalities, one of 4 km and another of 10 km that are contested by the center of the city full of spectators carrying torches that throw in the fires after the end of the tour.

Holi Run Life

The first thing is to know that this is not an athletic career. But if you like running and you want to have fun, this race is made for you. 5 km in which you mix sport, fun and above all a lot of colors. This is the Holi Life, which this year is celebrated in Malaga and Murcia.

Madrid AECC run Against Cancer

There’s nothing more motivating than running for a good cause. And that is precisely the goal of the cancer race. Although it is celebrated in many Spanish provinces, one of the most numerous is that of Madrid. In 2018, 17,000 participations were reached, and this year, the organization seeks to exceed that figure. The test consists of four modalities: 4 km race, 10 km Race, 2 km march and children’s races.

Women’s Career

The popular career for women par excellence. It is the most important women’s sports event in Europe, and in our country, it is celebrated every year with a circuit formed by eight different cities. As usual, Valencia will be in charge of starting the 2019 edition. But the women’s race will also be held in Madrid, Vitoria, Gijón, A Coruña, Seville, Zaragoza, and Barcelona. In short, it is a golden opportunity to promote the sport, and especially running, among women.

Cursa Bombers

Is the 10 km race more popular in the City. And yes, their main protagonists are the firemen but don’t worry, because you will be able to run alongside them in this fun race. It has been celebrated for 20 years, and the number of participants continues to grow. About 13,000 people registered in 2018.

Behobia-San Sebastián

Despite not being approved, Behobia-San Sebastián is one of the best known and expected races for athletes, possibly the most demanding on this list. 20 kilometers from the border with France to the capital donostiarra complete the course of this Test, full of climbs and descents and with a positive difference of 192 meters. The atmosphere and the spirit of sport that is breathed in both spectators and runners are added to the stage to make this race so special among the runners.

Race Put Brake

It has been more than a decade since the Atresmedia group and the Axa Foundation launched the road safety initiative ‘Stop It’. Each year it is celebrated in various parts of the Spanish geography and has become with its own merits one of the most popular races. In 2018, coinciding with its tenth anniversary, there were around 20,000 participants at its meeting in Madrid. The test consists of two distances, 10 km and 5 km. Although the cities that will be part of the 2019 Ponle brake circuit are not yet confirmed, what is clear is that the capital will be forced to stop.

Santa’s Career

Fun and sport come together in this unique and caring race. Donations are for research against childhood cancer. Participants must travel the 5 km of the test dressed in the typical red and white Santa suit. Without a doubt, the funniest and most familiar race of Christmas dates.

Business Career

A golden opportunity to show your boss what you’re worth and bond with your partners. The race of the companies is a sports event organized by Grupo Santander in which you can only participate in groups of 2, 3, or 4 runners belonging to the same company. They are two routes, one 6 km, and another 10 km, perfect for releasing tensions and having a good time.

San Silvestre Vallecana

We put the Golden Pin to this calendar of popular races with the most illustrious of its trials, the San Silvestre Vallecana. The sports event that takes place all over Spain to bid farewell to the year has its maximum exponent in the Madrid race. It is the best known worldwide and the most popular in our country. With 10 km of route, the race is divided into two parts: the popular San Silvestre for all runners older than 10 years, and the International San Silvestre in which only professional runners can participate.