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Drag Racing Magazine
Experience the Tracks Today

Some drag racing magazines traced drag racing back to when motorized vehicles were being manufactured. The race has existed as both in the illegal (street racing) form and also the legalized motorsport which is a more organized and regulated form today. There are basic rules that are now adhered to. Drag racing started in the deserts of California. If you like to learn more about the History of the Drag Racing please visit our blog.

Historically, as some drag racing magazines reveals, the first racing event took place in California in 1949. The event took place at the Goleta Air Base. The condition of the drag races then was poor; no proper safety measure for racers and the spectators also had poor viewing conditions. Drag racing became more organized with the establishment of a governing body known as the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) by Wally Parks.

The Albertson Olds and Dragmaster Dart (owner by Jim Nelson and Dode Martin) became a model for manufacturing of cars for other racers because of their amazing records that is still exceptional till today.

A serious accident occurred in the 1970s involving Don Garlits; whose car exploded resulting in the amputation of his right foot. He decided to commit to the building of cars with engines at the back and better combustion chamber and it was a huge success even till today.

From the 1970s drag racing had evolved and gotten so many sponsorships and endorsements.

Best Drag Racing Tracks 

Various criteria are considered when it comes to a good drag racing track. Some of such criteria includes; how well the track was made, how much it can hold during a racing event, the track history, the location, how easy one can get to the track and the viewing quality. It is not just about the race but also the memorable experiences the viewer’s go home with. Some of the best drag racing tracks are:

  • Bristol: The track is well made. The viewers also enjoy a great view through the weather is hot and a bit humid.
  • Mall Grove: The viewers enjoy a good view though there had been records of bad weather but fans still troop out in their numbers even till today.
  • Norwalk: A family owned track with an amazing blend of hospitality, quality track and great customer service, functional till today.
Drag Racing Track

Best Drag Racers 

Drag racing has had the honor of featuring many fabulous and talented professional racers. Most of these people have won dozens of races. A few from drag racing magazines includes:

  • JOHN FORCE: A dominant funny car racer and a team owner. His daughters are also drag racers.
  • DON PRUDHOMME: Also known as the snake. A four times winner of Funny Car Championship.
  • GREG ANDERSON: Great racer with amazing records. Anderson was the NHRA Full Throttle World Champion in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and again in 2010.


NHRA's National Events 

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) was established in 1951. It is aimed at dealing with the issues of illegal street racing. They also publish material like drag racing magazines to inform the public on drag racing events. Schedules for these events are available in the NHRA website. You can place your bet on these races and win real money.

Drag racing has evolved into one of the most exciting sports in the world and its racing events are major events which attract lots of viewers locally and internationally.

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Popular Racing Events 

Popular drag racing events coming up soon includes: Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals – Aug. 28 – Sept. 2; this is the largest drag racing game in the world that started far back as 1955. The Menards NHRA Heartland National presented by Minties, Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals is also coming up June.

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