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Best Racing Tracks

Motor racing has great tracks around the world. However, we are the ones who think that the ovals cannot be on such an important list, despite their tradition in motor racing in the United States. We mention once and for all the route where Indy 500 runs, the famous Brickyard, which is not in our top 10, but you have to give him his credit. Here are the top 10 tracks of the motorsports world.

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The “complete” version of this track, also known as “Green Hell”, is a track of just over 21 kilometers and offers 154 curves. It’s reserved for the best at the wheel. It is also located in the heart of a German forest.


The Belgian Grand Prix House is a circuit loved by fans, but also by drivers. It is one of the most traditional places in motorsport, and the Eau Rouge curve is one of the most important challenges for drivers.


The home of the Japanese Grand Prix has one of the curves most challenging and famous all over the world: the 130R. Also on that track have been given some of the duels are most important in the world of the motorsport world as the starring Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in the early ’80s.

The Sarthe

The route of more than 13 kilometers and with straight lines that seem never to end, there is a dispute every year the famous 24 Hours race of Le Mans. The layout is a mixture of public roads and racetrack. The first race on that site was held in 1923.

Mount Panorama

Also known as Bathurst, this Australian track is known to be very complicated and at the same time very fast. Technically it is a street track and has long straight lines and complex curves. There are vying for the iconic 12 Hours of Bathurst.

Laguna Seca

The 11 curves that make up this route boast the famous “Scacorchos”, known for the famous rebounds that have been observed there (and has also claimed some lives). This California circuit houses both car and motorcycle tests.


The streets of the Principality host the Formula One Grand Prix, one of the most glamorous and stylish tests in all motor racing. It’s one of those tracks where there’s no margin for error, or you end up against the wall. One of the best in Monaco was Ayrton Senna.


The Italian Grand Prix has one of the most famous tracks in the entire calendar. Although parts that represented a great deal of danger (such as the original parabolic curve) have been removed, it is still very attractive for both riders and fans. Many consider him the House Ferrari should defend.


The GP House of England is one of those sacred temples of motor racing. Despite updates and changes, it remains one of the “old guard” tracks and accommodates other serials such as the WEC and the BTCC.


Brazil is one of the countries with the most fondness for motor racing and with great exponents, that is why they have a track of the best. Great outcomes of the F1 season have occurred in this track.