Combustion Chamber-1999 Goodguys March Meet

“March Meet Madness”

Forget about the “Sweet 16”, the “Final Four”, or the NCAA Basketball Championship for that matter. I’ve found a new love in March and it was the “Meet”, completed in all of its madness and glory at Famoso Raceway in Famoso, California…just “outside” of Bakersfield.

The 40th running of the famed “March Meet” was more than a three day gathering of nostalgia drag vehicles, car show, and swap meet…it was more like a Family or High School Reunion, complete with group photos, hours of conversations, lotsa laughs, great stories, a couch and recliner, the Goodguys Rock & Roll bash Friday night, a dinner gathering of “Header Flames”/Standard 1320 folks, and even “Frog Races”. (Gee, did I forget anything?)

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to go to this event. I had read plenty about it and it just turned into one of those things “I had to do”. The “March Meet” kicks off the season for the Goodguys VRA series.

I would have to say that the most overwhelming part of the whole trip was meeting all of the folks whom I’ve read about or corresponded with via the internet. My original plan of shooting video and photos for this site certainly materialized, however, I almost missed what I did get due to the engaging conversations I was wrapped up in. The people…absolutely fantastic! Harrison and son Les, (Professional Touring Bleacher Bums) Pat ‘Ma’ Green, Jim Sorenson, Dale Smith and Henry Walther, (great dinner companions, can’t wait ’til our next meal at the Woolgrowers!) Robby and Sherry “Split Pea” Andersen, “Kingpin Racing”…Nick, Brett, Adam, Walt, Steve, and Jeff, (thanks for putting up with me and supplying the beer) Brendan Murry, Karen, and Pete, Dave Tuttle, the Stirling Family, Dave and Sky Wallace, Tom West, Tom Posthuma, (where ever you were, and you were staring) “staging lane guy” Jon Roscher, (he, too, made the trip from Cleveland), and Mark Hunerlach…special thanks to you and your wife, Francesca, for supplying photos to help complete my story!

The best way to sum up my experience…if you have not attended the March Meet…find a schedule and JUST GO!

The following includes random photos shot by myself and Mark Hunerlach.  Enjoy!- Dawn

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