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The first issue of this site is dedicated to the exhibition group, the Supercharged Outlaws. The group started in 1982 with 12 members, and has seen as many as 140 different teams since then. Maintaining a 7.90 index, the group has traveled the course of the Great Lakes area, Midwest, as well as parts of Canada. The Supercharged Outlaws, from the very beginning, has been comprised of a very diverse group of individuals. From shop teachers to CEO’s, one would never know the difference once these drivers were on the track! The Supercharged Outlaws is currently operated by Scott Buffington of Columbus, Ohio. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with these individuals, and hope that you enjoy this flashback in time. Check back for new monthly features, and thank you for stopping by. Dawn
image Brad Matheson, of Atwood, Ontario, campaigns this gorgeous ’55 Chevy. Running a 468 c.i. Chevy on alcohol, he has run a best of 7.60 at over 180.00 m.p.h. Brad joined the Supercharged Outlaws in 1994, and garnered Best Appearing Car honors that season. Brad can be seen running a limited schedule at London Motorsports Park, Grand Bend, as well as the States. ( Rob Potter Photo)
Dave Dudley, of Buffalo, New York, handled driving and tuning duties on this 360 c.i. Chrysler powered Fiat. Running on gasoline is never an easy task with these combinations, however, Dave has run a career best 7.24 at 185.00 m.p.h. on the legal AA/A combo. One of the charter members of the group, Dave has captured Best Engineered Car honors, as well as, finishing in the top five several times. (Kruger Photo) image
image Al and Elle Pridemore, of Garrettsville, Ohio maintained this 395 c.i. Chrysler on alcohol ‘Vette flopper, to two Championship seasons, ’91-’92. They and their family joined the group in 1988, and finished third in their first season. A crowd pleaser with his long smoky burnouts, made the Pridemore Family a favorite, where ever they went. Al is currently working on a V8 powered bike with his son Jason. (Brian Epps Photo)
Phil Martino, of Turtle Creek, PA, handled this 331 c.i. Chevy on gasoline altered, to a best of 7.70, at 175.00 m.p.h. Phil has run with the Supercharged Outlaws since 1986, and has garnered both Best Engineered and Appearing Car awards in that time, as well as several top five finishes. Phil operates a construction company in Pittsburgh, and runs a very limited schedule at this time. (Wendy Mazi-Whittington Photo) image
image Ashley Hawkins, of Salem, Ohio, one of the more “colorful characters” of the group, manhandled this 470 c.i. on alcohol beast of a Chevelle (3100 lbs.!) to a 1995 Championship. Ashley joined the group in 1994, and captured Rookie of the Year honors, as well as, Best Appearing Crew. Running a career best, 7.88/175.00, he brought fans to the edge of their seats, with his out-of-shape 1/8th mile burnouts! (Oh yeah, he also caught John Force’s attention too. That’s him standing in the background.) (Kruger Photo)
Tom Deighton, of Fremont, Ohio, campaigned this 461 c.i. Chevy on gasoline altered to Rookie of the Year honors and the season Championship, in 1988! He ran a career best of 7.63 at 175.00 m.p.h. Tom was probably the most feared competitor, as he managed terrific starting line prowess, winning most of his races from that point. An Engineer by trade, Tom, along with his parents, ran with the group until 1990. (Kruger Photo) image
image Tony and Alme Pullano, of Clay, New York, ran this 461 c.i. Chevy on alcohol Fiat, during the 1988 season. Running a career best 7.80 at 175.00, they also garnered the Best Appearing Car award. Tony sold the Fiat, and it is currently being campaigned by Joe Veschusio of the Supercharged Warriors. (Brian Epps Photo)
Don and Dean Skuza, of Brecksville, Ohio, campaigned their 433 c.i. Chevy on alcohol Fiat, from 1988-1991. Dean literally crushed his opponents in 1989, cutting great lights, and running dead on the dial in, to win the season Championship in grand fashion. Dean recorded a career best 7.23 at 176.00 m.p.h. during a “run it all out” match race the group tried for fun. Little needs to be said about where the Skuza dynasty is at today. 🙂 (Brian Epps Photo) image
image Fred Hahn, of West Seneca, New York, one of the charter members of the Supercharged Outlaws, ran this 434 c.i. Donovan on gasoline ’23 T until 1990. Fred had run a career best 7.58 at 188.00 m.p.h., and garnered many Best Engineered and Appearing car awards. His long smoky burnouts, and wheels up launches, always made him one of the crowd favorites. Fred is currently driving for Jim Oddy in the IHRA Pro Mod category, and touring the Super Chevy Circuit. (Brian Epps Photo)
Woody Wilhelm, of Madison, Ohio, brought his 331 c.i. Chevy on alcohol ’69 Camaro into the group in 1988. His appropriately named entry “Fatal Attraction”, won the hearts of fans that saw him run. From the always sideways burnouts, to the high RPM launches, Woody and that Camaro, were a terror in their own right. Winning the Best Appearing and Engineered car awards along the way, Woody switched to a 382 c.i. Rodeck in 1993, and wound up winning the season Championship in 1994. In his only appearance in 1996, (a week after he was married) Woody ran an “out of the box” 7.70 at 175.00 m.p.h., a career best. We have not seen him run since. 🙁 (Kruger Photo) image
image Frank Mazi, charter member of the Supercharged Outlaws, originally competed with this 354 c.i. Chrysler on gasoline ’73 Opel GT. Frank dazzled fans with the handling of this short wheel based maverick, with his “funny car” style burnouts, and the hard charging, wheels-up launches. Mazi garnered many Best Engineered and Appearing Car/Crew awards with the Opel, and at that time had run a best of 8.14 at 170.00 m.p.h. with this combination. Look for the Mazi Trans Am in future editions. (Les Welch Photo)
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